What’s next?

This question can be answered about a few things:

First, I finished my class a few weeks ago.  I didn’t see anything this summer that I was interested in or the fall either, so I am going to wait to see what is offered second semester.

I also finished two projects I’ve been working on or thinking about all year.  The first was a bag for a retiring teacher.  We share a “like” of one of Maya Angelou’s poems, “Still I Rise”.  I printed a photo of Maya Angelou and superimposed the poem on top.  Then I sewed it into a bag she could use for library books or groceries.  I forgot to take a picture, but maybe I can post some of the fabric.

Next I finished Dave’s quilt of “The Statues of Philadelphia”.  See previous post picture.  Dave had mentioned that he liked some of the statues in Rittenhouse Square.  I searched the internet and found many of the ones in the park, added the Liberty Bell, the Thinker and an old Philly map.  Dave added Claes Oldenburg’s  45-foot steel Clothespin statue across from Philadelphia’s Town Hall.  In the winter I put the squares together and eventually the top was completed.  Then it sat for months, until I got in the mood to finish it.  Dave was around for a wedding this weekend, so I was able to hand it off.

Next I should clean the room before I start anything new……

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Dave’s quilt

Dave's quilt

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My website

My professor was very patient and tried to figure out how to post the pages so they can link to each other. It was beginning to take too much time so here they are, click on them and they will enlarge. You can’t go to the galleries; I can add those photos some time later.

If you are not totally impressed it is because you can’t imagine all I had to learn to make these pages.  We start with a blank screen and add everything; headings, text boxes, shading effects, logos, pictures, the picture gallery (which unfortunately you can’t see unless I publish on the web).  Honestly I had hoped to learn more about using Photoshop and the tools.   There are a lot of YouTube videos I can use, but it is easier for me when someone shows me right there.

I’ve decided not to apply to the college for now.  I’m not going after a degree and the only benefit is being able to sign up for classes with everyone else and not having to wait for the left-overs.  I’m not even sure I will take a fall class.  It gets dark so early and the weather could be iffy.  If I see a class I like, I’ll give it some thought.

For now I will probably play around more with 21 Secrets.  I went gung-ho for a while and haven’t touched it for over a week.  I did finish up Ben’s fish picture.

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Contact page

I don’t like this one very much, but I’m just glad I’m done!

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